Telematics is a new generation feature. «Tele-» means transfer of information at a long distance. «-matics» is taken from «informatics». Thus, we deal with information, configurations and settings of your car protection available from any part of the world! Modern technologies will let you control your car’s location, change settings of alarm systems, set up new configurations using the internet or mobile phone.
GSM+GPRS and GPS+GLONASS advanced technologies guarantee safety and security. Simple and comfortable monitoring at allows you to locate your vehicle with an accuracy of up to few meters. Control your security from any part of the world with StarLine Telematics.
StarLine application is available for smartphones and smartwatches on iOS, Android. StarLine App allows turn the alarm system on and off, start the engine, check location and route of the car, check the battery charge etc.


Easy control of your vehicle security with a smartphone, control pager, tablet, or a PC
Forgot your keys or went to the holidays and need to get into your car? Use your mobile application to lock/unlock in few seconds.


Monitor the speed and route of your vehicle from any part of the world. StarLine search and monitoring devices guarantee detection of your car's location with an accuracy of up to a few meters.
Using mobile application StarLine and free monitoring at you can save your routes, control your car location in a simple and intuitive way!


Control Webasto and Eberspacher engine heaters with the help of your mobile phone This function is available for all StarLine security systems containing GSM-module


Extremely high accuracy GPS location: enjoy StarLine mobile app. to monitor your vehicle in an intuitive and convenient way. Get information details by each period of time, stops, parking, routes and much more.


Comfortable remote engine start will let you warm up your car in winter or cool it up at hot weather without switching off the alarm system. If you use StarLine Mobile App., you can control your car from any part of the world. You can start the engine of your car from your office when you are about to go home. If you are in a long trip, your car battery can discharge; to avoid it, you can start your car engine for 20 min. staying in any part of the world, when you come back, your car will wait for you ready to drive: the alarm system remains armed at remote engine start mode.
Smart StarLine systems obtain such functions as engine start by time, by temperature and by alarm clock. You can set up a convenient mode yourself, using our detailed instructions. Remote Start makes your vehicle even more comfortable to use.


Bring a RF tag with you, and StarLine smart security system will «recognize» you and disarm the system when you approach at a set distance. When you leave the car, StarLine system automatically switches on the alarm, and your car is under StarLine reliable security.


Visual indication of statuses, such as SIM card balance, battery charge, engine temperature, fuel tank capacity, daily or weekly milage, interior temperature, etc.


Monitor your car location, save routes, see the event log in your personal account at our free multi-language monitoring website Smart StarLine Systems allow you to mark geofences.
They will make you informed when the car crosses the boarder of the indicated geofence. It is interesting for leasing companies, taxi, commercial transport and for you if you let someone drive your car. If the satellite connection is lost, the system will record the route data and send them immediately when it makes possible.


Automated hood lock provides reliable protection of the underhood space and wiring when the vehicle's owner is away.


You can get a higher level of your vehicle protection if you register your personal PIN-code using factory control buttons of your car — for example, sound volume on the steering wheel: two times up and two times down. Thus, if an unauthorized person enters your car, the system will not let him start the engine without entering the PIN-code.


StarLine devices operate in severe climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from −50 to +85 °C